Monday, April 29, 2013

Colorful Carnival Themed Birthday Invitations

Anyone who went to the carnival as a child remembers the experience - the amazing sights and sounds, the strange new people with seemingly inhuman abilities, the games and the exotic animals. When you put them all together, that's downright mind-blowing for a child.

We can't control when the Big Top will roll through our towns, so it's nice to recreate the Carnival experience for our children. Having a Carnival themed birthday party is a great way to capture all the fun and excitement of a real Carnival. There are so many super-fun things you can do with this theme: cotton candy and popcorn machines, bouncy castle, make your own game booths and hand out little prizes, petting zoo, clowns who make cool balloons, jugglers, paint the kid's faces, and so much more. Plus, Carnival decorations are a lot of fun too - the colors are so vibrant and playful. How can you not have a good time with bright stripes and polka dots everywhere!

A great way to start your Birthday Party planning is by choosing a fun invitation that will excite your guests and create a buzz of anticipation for the big event. Below are some fantastic, fully customizable Carnival themed Birthday invitations.

Circus Carnival Ticket Custom Invitations
Circus Carnival Ticket Custom Invitations by CustomInvites
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Circus Tent and Ringmaster Birthday Invitation
Circus Tent and Ringmaster Birthday Invitation by mousearte
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitations - Part 2

For Part 1 of this post click here Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitations - Part 1

In Part Two of Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitations I'm going to showcase the fun and playful side of party invitations by featuring themed invites.

Themes are a great way to excite your guests and build anticipation for a birthday party. They also create a buzz and are a fun alternative to a more a traditional, formal event. Plus, theme parties can help take the stress out of planning by creating a central focus. Instead of trying to tie multiple styles into one cohesive party, you can take a single idea and base all your party planning decisions around it.

Below are some fun, customizable Sweet 16 invitations with different themes that are sure to wow your guests.

Enjoy the mysteriousness and elegance of a Masquerade themed Sweet Sixteen party.

This Pink Paris invitation is adorable and Parisian themed parties are always popular.

Perhaps your child has caught the acting bug or loves movies...
Glitz Glamor Movie Star Sweet 16 Invitations
Glitz Glamor Movie Star Sweet 16 Invitations by InvitationCentral
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Or perhaps she is more of the outdoors country and western type of girl...

This magical Princess Carriage is a wonderful way to invite guests to a Fairy Tale themed Sweet 16 Party.

Allow your guests to channel their inner Pop Star with a karaoke theme Sweet Sixteen.

Show off your chic side with this Denim and Diamonds theme invitation.

For Sweet 16 parties in the winter, create a Winter Wonderland for your guests to enjoy.
Winter Wonderland Sweet 16 Invitation
Winter Wonderland Sweet 16 Invitation by marlenedesigner
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Add some extra Pizzazz to your invitation by using a Sweet 16 stamp.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitations - Part 1

A sweet sixteen birthday party is such an important day in a young persons life, so much so that I am dedicating two blog posts just for showcasing Sweet 16 invitations. Sixteen is that age where young people really begin to come into themselves. They start discovering who they are and begin to strive to find their place in the world. They won't be a child for much longer and even though you'll be happy and proud of them turning into adults, you will still miss them as children. The dynamics of your relationship with your child will begin to change. I think that's why so many people do take the time to make their child's sixteenth birthday a very special day to remember. It's one of the last few times your child will let them dote on you.

Below are some customizable, lovely Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitations. Click here More Sweet Sixteen Invitations for Part 2 of the blog post.

White Diamonds and a Pink Bow make for a classy and exquisite classic invitation.

This gold and pearl invitation has a beautiful vintage look.

Lovely black and white chandelier design.

The zebra stripe adds a playful element to this elegant card.

Sometimes simplicity can be a beautiful thing, as shown in this tasteful design.

Show off the beauty of your child with this lovely teal and black customized invitation.

Create a buzz with your invitations by sending "Admission Tickets" to your guests. Not only is it a fun way to invite someone, but also makes your guests feel special that they are being invited.

This is an adorably cute pink and black polka dot invitation.

And add an extra wow factor to your invitation by mailing it out with a Sweet 16 stamp.

Zebra Pink Bow Diamond Heart Sweet 16 Stamps
Zebra Pink Bow Diamond Heart Sweet 16 Stamps by printcreekstudio
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bopping Beach Birthday Party Invites

Maybe you've heard of the world's greatest philosopher - "Unknown". Well Unknown once said, "Life's a beach!" Sure we could argue for hours if he was referring to suffering of humankind or just trying to make a funny t-shirt slogan, but whatever the brilliant Mr. Unknown was talking about, I'm here to tell you life's a blast. You know what else is a blast? Having your child's birthday party at the beach. A few of the perks of a beach birthday party are fun, sun, water, waves, games, sandcastles, and the list goes on and on. I mean after all, a beach is the original amusement park!

Below are some fantastic beach birthday invitations that are sure to inspire your guests to "Hang 10" to the party. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist throwing in at least one cheesy beach line. :)

Beach Party Custom Invitations
Beach Party Custom Invitations by kidsinvitations
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Make a Splash with Perfect Pool Party Invitations

A great way to beat the heat during a summer birthday party is with a fun-tastic pool party. Few kids can resist the fun of a water slide, diving board, and the urge to make a great big splash! Plus, so many fun games can be based around a pool - Marco Polo, water basketball or volleyball, diving for prizes, best cannonball competition - just to name a few games. And let's not forget firing up the grill and pumping up some fun music.

Invitations are a thoughtful gesture by a good host and a great way to get people excited about the party before the event. Below are some customizable, super fun pool party invites that are sure to make a splash with your guests.

Boy Pool Birthday Party Invitation
Boy Pool Birthday Party Invitation by OrangeOstrichDesigns
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Playful Playground Birthday Party Invitations for Kids

If ever there was a place of wonderment and thrills for a child it is at the playground. There's nothing like the value of free entertainment that goes along with having swings, slides, carousels, those crazy springy animals (whatever they're called, lol), and of course monkey bars, at your child's disposal. Plus the real secret benefit is that the children are getting exercise and learning how to interact with other kids. Playgrounds are a win-win-win situation. That's why playgrounds are the perfect place to host a birthday party for kids. Below are some customizable, playful playground birthday party invitations that are sure to delight your guests.

Playground Invitations
Playground Invitations by RetroWhimsyDesigns
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