Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitations - Part 1

A sweet sixteen birthday party is such an important day in a young persons life, so much so that I am dedicating two blog posts just for showcasing Sweet 16 invitations. Sixteen is that age where young people really begin to come into themselves. They start discovering who they are and begin to strive to find their place in the world. They won't be a child for much longer and even though you'll be happy and proud of them turning into adults, you will still miss them as children. The dynamics of your relationship with your child will begin to change. I think that's why so many people do take the time to make their child's sixteenth birthday a very special day to remember. It's one of the last few times your child will let them dote on you.

Below are some customizable, lovely Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitations. Click here More Sweet Sixteen Invitations for Part 2 of the blog post.

White Diamonds and a Pink Bow make for a classy and exquisite classic invitation.

This gold and pearl invitation has a beautiful vintage look.

Lovely black and white chandelier design.

The zebra stripe adds a playful element to this elegant card.

Sometimes simplicity can be a beautiful thing, as shown in this tasteful design.

Show off the beauty of your child with this lovely teal and black customized invitation.

Create a buzz with your invitations by sending "Admission Tickets" to your guests. Not only is it a fun way to invite someone, but also makes your guests feel special that they are being invited.

This is an adorably cute pink and black polka dot invitation.

And add an extra wow factor to your invitation by mailing it out with a Sweet 16 stamp.

Zebra Pink Bow Diamond Heart Sweet 16 Stamps
Zebra Pink Bow Diamond Heart Sweet 16 Stamps by printcreekstudio
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