Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bopping Beach Birthday Party Invites

Maybe you've heard of the world's greatest philosopher - "Unknown". Well Unknown once said, "Life's a beach!" Sure we could argue for hours if he was referring to suffering of humankind or just trying to make a funny t-shirt slogan, but whatever the brilliant Mr. Unknown was talking about, I'm here to tell you life's a blast. You know what else is a blast? Having your child's birthday party at the beach. A few of the perks of a beach birthday party are fun, sun, water, waves, games, sandcastles, and the list goes on and on. I mean after all, a beach is the original amusement park!

Below are some fantastic beach birthday invitations that are sure to inspire your guests to "Hang 10" to the party. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist throwing in at least one cheesy beach line. :)

Beach Party Custom Invitations
Beach Party Custom Invitations by kidsinvitations
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