Monday, May 27, 2013

Out of This World and Space-tacular Birthday Party Invitations!

You don't have to go to Area 51 (or 52 or 53) to see Aliens. All you have to do is throw a Space Themed Birthday Party and you'll be able to see Aliens, as well as play host to them.

Theme parties are a great way to get your guests immersed in a party and "up" the fun factor. Throwing a theme party is also much easier than putting together a "regular" party - where you mix and match ideas and try to get them to fit together. Party planning with a central theme in mind allows you to base all the details upon a single idea. For example: with a Space Theme you can bake or buy a rocket ship cake, have the kids dress up like aliens or astronauts, turn a bouncy castle into an anti-gravity machine, have a three legged alien race, and decorate the house like it was a different planet, a space ship, or even a space colony. There are so many wonderful ideas with this theme that planning a Space Birthday Party will be a snap.

The perfect way to get your party started off with a bang is by sending out invitations. Invites not only convey important information (date, time, and location) but they also make your guests feel special and build some pre-party excitement. Below are some out of this world, customizable, birthday party invitations that will get your guests ready to have a space-tacular time at your big event.

Alien Birthday Party Invitations
Alien Birthday Party Invitations by cooltees
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Outerspace alien boy's birthday party invitation
Outerspace alien boy's birthday party invitation by Jamene
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Outerspace Personalized Announcements
Outerspace Personalized Announcements by graphicdesign
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beep! Blurp! Bleep! - That's Robot for Fun Birthday Party Invitations

Is your little boy or girl a techie in the making? Instead of playing with GI Joes and Barbies, they spend their time with Robots, gears, and building blocks? Do they teach you how to use computer programs? If you said yes to any of those questions, then consider throwing them a Robot themed birthday party.

Kids love theme parties because it showcases some of their favorite things and allows them to do fun activities like dress up, play games, and indulge in the stuff they love to do. Parents love theme parties because they are super easy to plan they get to have a bit of fun too! Themed parties are easy because you don't have to meld together a bunch of different ideas, but instead get to base all your party's needs on one central theme. For example, with a robot themed party you can bake or buy a robot cake, have the kids dress up like robots, buy some craft supplies and have a robot building "contest" (where everyone is a winner!), decorate the house in a sci-fi theme, convert traditional games into robot games - like make the kids walk like robots for musical chairs. The list really goes on and on of what you can do with a creative theme like robots.

The best way to start any party off right is by mailing out proper invitations. A nice invite is a great way to make your guests feel special, build anticipation, create excitement, as well as, pass along important information about the birthday party - such as theme, time, date, and location. Below are some really fun, customizable, robot themed birthday party invitations that are sure to get your guests all "geared" up for the big event.

Robot Birthday Party Invitations
Robot Birthday Party Invitations by WhimsicalPrintStudio
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WALL-E Birthday Invitation
WALL-E Birthday Invitation by disney
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Rocking Little Robots Party Invitation
Rocking Little Robots Party Invitation by scruffshop
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Robot Birthday Invitation
Robot Birthday Invitation by flopsock
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mega Monster Birthday Party Invitations

Yes you heard right. Lock the doors, check under the bed, and sleep with a flashlight because today's post is about Mega Monster Birthdays!

Depending on what era you grew up in, the word Monster invokes different things. Those of us who have a little salt and pepper in our hair often think of Frankenstein, King Kong, or Godzilla. They were serious monsters who were direct and to the point. Frankenstein wanted to be accepted. King Kong wanted the girl. And Godzilla, he just wanted to smash things up. But nowadays the monsters have changed a bit. There's a little more fun to them and a little more quirkiness.

Another great thing about monsters is there is one to suit everybody. Whether you're a fan of the old monsters or new ones, and whether the monster is scary or silly, you have to admit monsters are pretty darn fun. That's why monsters are a perfect theme for a birthday party. Planning for a monster themed birthday party is not only easy, but fun too! Here are just a couple ideas: monster costume party, monster cake, pin the tail on the Godzilla, monster face painting, haunted bouncy castle, put ice cubes filled with gummy worms in the punch bowl, and sooooo much more. In fact monsters are so varied and such a wonderful part of our pop culture that every aspect of your birthday party can easily be planned around it.

The best way to start any party off right is by sending out invitations in advance. Not only is it a great way to pass along important information (date, time, location), it is also a wonderful way to make your guests feel special and build up some pre-party excitement. Creating a bit of a buzz for your party is always a good thing. Below are some fun, customizable, Monster Birthday Invitations that are sure to get your guests excited for the big event.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Marvelous Movie Star Birthday Party Invitations

Does everyone know your child has the "it factor"? Have they always dreamed of being on the big screen or on Broadway? Or are they just a big fan of those who marvel us with their movie magic? If so, consider throwing them a "Hollywood" or movie themed birthday party.

I fall into the category of loving films but being one of the worst actors to ever grace this planet. Which means I often find myself having weekend movie nights instead of painting the town red. Nothing beats getting together with some friends and watching a bunch of films, especially if the films tie in together or you pair it with dinner. Like mob night films and pasta, or kung-fu films and chinese food. That's why movie themed birthday parties are a blast. You literally have thousands of ideas already created that you can choose from. Shrek Birthdays with green ogre snacks - like green dyed popcorn and lime soda. Or Superhero movies with "hero" sandwiches and dressing up like your favorite superhero. The list goes on and on. Or if your child is an actor, you can have them perform a monologue or have the kids put on a talent show. Even though I'm an awful actor, as kids we used to love to do some sort of skit, especially at summer camp so don't worry about the skill level of the kids because the goal is simple - to have fun! And as you probably noticed, theme parties make it so much easier to plan for a party because you can base all your decisions around a central theme instead of trying to throw together a mish-mash of ideas.

Sending out invitations ahead of time is a fantastic way of getting the party started well ahead of the actual date. It makes the guest feel special, passes along important information (such as date, time, location), and also builds anticipation for the big day. After receiving a thoughtful invitation, your guests will be excited for the party to begin. Below are some customizable, marvelous movie star/movie night birthday invitations which are sure to start the party off on the right foot.

The Birthday Movie Invitation (Boy)
The Birthday Movie Invitation (Boy) by livandsophie
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Hollywood Star Invite
Hollywood Star Invite by TreasureTheMoments
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Movie Star Birthday Card
Movie Star Birthday Card by SERENITYnFAITH
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rock Star for a Day Birthday Party Invitations

Is your child a rock star in the making? If so consider throwing them a Rock Star themed birthday party, complete with all the glitz and glamour deserving of any rock god or goddess. Theme parties are a blast and a great way to plan for an event. Focusing a plan around a single idea makes it a lot easier and less stressful when putting together a party. A centralized theme allows you to base your food, decorations, costumes, games, etc. all upon one idea instead of trying to mesh together multiple ideas that may or may not work well with each other. It's a real headache saver. Here are some cool ideas for your little rocker's birthday party: temporary tattoos, karaoke machine, air guitar contest, Rock Band video games, dancing or a dance contest, hire a rock band, guitar or drum birthday cake, and of course some rocking decorations.

A great way to kick off any party is to get is started before the big day by sending out invitations. Invites not only pass along important details, such as time, date, and location, but they also make your guests feel special and create excitement for the party. Below are some customizable, rocking, Rock Star themed birthday party invitations.

Boys Rock Star Birthday Party Invitations
Boys Rock Star Birthday Party Invitations by paperdotz
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Rock Star Monkeys Birthday Invite
Rock Star Monkeys Birthday Invite by kids_birthdays
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Rock Star Tattoo Invitation
Rock Star Tattoo Invitation by McBooboo
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