Monday, May 27, 2013

Out of This World and Space-tacular Birthday Party Invitations!

You don't have to go to Area 51 (or 52 or 53) to see Aliens. All you have to do is throw a Space Themed Birthday Party and you'll be able to see Aliens, as well as play host to them.

Theme parties are a great way to get your guests immersed in a party and "up" the fun factor. Throwing a theme party is also much easier than putting together a "regular" party - where you mix and match ideas and try to get them to fit together. Party planning with a central theme in mind allows you to base all the details upon a single idea. For example: with a Space Theme you can bake or buy a rocket ship cake, have the kids dress up like aliens or astronauts, turn a bouncy castle into an anti-gravity machine, have a three legged alien race, and decorate the house like it was a different planet, a space ship, or even a space colony. There are so many wonderful ideas with this theme that planning a Space Birthday Party will be a snap.

The perfect way to get your party started off with a bang is by sending out invitations. Invites not only convey important information (date, time, and location) but they also make your guests feel special and build some pre-party excitement. Below are some out of this world, customizable, birthday party invitations that will get your guests ready to have a space-tacular time at your big event.

Alien Birthday Party Invitations
Alien Birthday Party Invitations by cooltees
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Outerspace alien boy's birthday party invitation
Outerspace alien boy's birthday party invitation by Jamene
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Outerspace Personalized Announcements
Outerspace Personalized Announcements by graphicdesign
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