Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make a Splash with Perfect Pool Party Invitations

A great way to beat the heat during a summer birthday party is with a fun-tastic pool party. Few kids can resist the fun of a water slide, diving board, and the urge to make a great big splash! Plus, so many fun games can be based around a pool - Marco Polo, water basketball or volleyball, diving for prizes, best cannonball competition - just to name a few games. And let's not forget firing up the grill and pumping up some fun music.

Invitations are a thoughtful gesture by a good host and a great way to get people excited about the party before the event. Below are some customizable, super fun pool party invites that are sure to make a splash with your guests.

Boy Pool Birthday Party Invitation
Boy Pool Birthday Party Invitation by OrangeOstrichDesigns
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